Transferring print data

Important: points to remember

when transferring data to us


Data transfer

By email to your contact person in Sales. Please send open data in compressed format (ZIP). Otherwise, you can transfer data using FTP (in consultation with your Sales contact). Or just send us the data on a CD.

Data formats

  • PDF format PDF 1.3 or higher (high resolution), embedded fonts, formatting and graphics
  • TIFF/JPG format for image data, high quality, resolution no less than 300 dpi
  • CMYK data (RGB data will be converted)
  • Database formats for serial numbers or barcodes: Excel file, TXT file, CSV file.
    Data structure in consultation with HERMA


Set up colours in CMYK mode. Set up special colours as full-tone colours and save with the exact name of the subsequent print colour (Pantone, HKS). Custom special colours (corporate colours) as per printed colour original or colour chart.

Images and logos

Data format: images in TIF or JPG format, high quality, resolution no less than 300 dpi. Images in b/w (bitmap), greyscale or CMYK mode. Ideally, logos should be vectorised.


Embed fonts in PDF files or convert to vector files (paths). Font types: TrueType or OpenType fonts

Font sizes and line weights

(minimum sizes, depends on font)

  • Digital printing (full-tone and half-tone printing)
    Positive 3 pt. (upper case letters 0.8 mm high)
    Negative 4 pt. (upper case letters 1.0 mm high)
  • Flexographic printing (full-tone)
    Positive 4 pt. (upper case letters 1.0 mm high)
    Negative 5 pt. (upper case letters 1.2 mm high)
  • Flexographic printing (half-tone)
    Positive 6-8 pt.
    Negative 8-10 pt.
  • Line weights
    Digital printing: Positive 0.08 mm, Negative 0.10 mm
    Flexographic printing: Positive 0.10 mm, Negativ 0.15 mm




We’re glad to help. Just contact your Sales representative.


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