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With its four locations and some 1,100 employees, Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG (SWS AG) is one of the strongest and largest German salt producers. Supplying a complete range of high-quality rock, vacuum and sea salt, SWS AG caters to the market’s every demand in terms of variety and standards.

Apart from the sea salt, SWS gets its salt from its mine workings in Heilbronn or Berchtesgaden deep in the Alps, and from brine deposits in Bad Reichenhall. Berchtesgaden is an especially historic location, salt having been mined there since 1517. This year it celebrates its 500th anniversary.

The products of SWS AG include not only cooking salts and seasonings for households, bakeries, butchers’ and the food industry, but also high-purity pharma salts, feed salts, water-softening salts, de-icing salts for use on roads, and salts for the chemicals industry. Besides Germany’s best-known salt brand, Bad Reichenhaller, SWS’s portfolio of cooking salts and seasonings also includes Aquasale Meersalz, safrisalz, SEL and Disal.

HERMA supplies special labels for the Bad Reichenhaller salt and seasoning shakers and for SWS’s other brands. They are affixed to the lid of the tins – using the HERMA label applicator, incidentally. Whereas a number of actions used to be required before you could start using the tins, opening them now is child’s play. The new closure in the shape of the HERMA head label replaces the pre-perforated opening that previously had to be pressed down. The HERMA label guarantees that the products remain securely sealed until opened by the consumer. With it, SWS AG has a solution that is seamlessly integrated into its quality assurance system.

At SWS AG, “white gold” is king.
HERMA sealing labels guarantee freshness and quality for the Bad Reichenhaller-brand salt shakers.

Easy to open and reseal

Sealing labels perform a wide range of tasks in packaging, and they play an important role in the mailing of goods. They are a simple means of verifying authenticity and show when an item has been opened for the first time. As seals they provide secure tamper protection and can display additional product information.

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