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The name of edding automatically summons up images of permanent markers. No wonder – there is virtually nothing that you cannot write on with an edding marker, from bees to bedsteads. In Germany, seven out of every ten markers sold are from edding.

The Ahrensburg-based company turns out more than 200 million items in 150 different shapes and sizes every year. They are used in all kinds of contexts, from clerical work to visual communications, right through to industrial applications. For its customers, edding develops writing implements that provide a solution to even the grittiest problems – such as the permanent marker specially developed for space travel, which can withstand temperatures of up to 1,000°C, or another which can write even on greasy metal.

To label its products, the company has opted for a special solution of its own: a production rate of 150 pens per minute and lower costs for pen tubes are two crucial reasons why edding uses HERMA labels to label its products. And because speed and precision are all-important, the label applicators are also supplied by HERMA.

The labels are made in especially flexible material with an extra-strong adhesive, and have a special shape and unprinted areas so that they can be firmly wrapped around the pens. The multi-coloured labels are printed flexographically. Additional scratch-resistance is provided by a protective lacquer: this plays a vital role even at the production stage, but even more so in actual use.

Seven out of every ten marker pens sold in Germany are made by edding. For efficient labelling, edding has opted for labels and label applicators from HERMA.
Speed and precision are all-important: 150 pens per minute - with an Label applicator, also supplied by HERMA

Wrap-around labelling: pliable, with secure adhesion

Curved surfaces and small radii are a major challenge for labels and adhesives. HERMA’s wide product range includes labels made of especially pliable materials and featuring adhesives that stick firmly to a variety of surfaces. Other important properties are high resistance to chemicals and moisture.

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