Wrap-around labelling

A tough job for labels and adhesives


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Pliable, with secure adhesion

Curved surfaces and small radii are a major challenge for labels and adhesives.

HERMA’s wide product range includes labels made of especially pliable materials and featuring adhesives that stick firmly to a variety of surfaces. Other important properties are high resistance to chemicals and moisture.

Labels from a single source. For reliable processing.

As experts in adhesives, labels and labelling machines, we can develop a solution to meet your requirements. We manufacture our labels exclusively in Germany and know what materials are right for you. We’ll match the adhesive to your application and ensure consistently high HERMA Quality.

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Diverse requirements:

  • High pliability and flexibility for labelling items with small radii
  • Secure adhesion, even on difficult surfaces
  • Resistance to moisture, oil and grease
  • Resistance to solvents and disinfectants
  • Suitability for pasteurisation and centrifugation
  • Suitability for frozen storage

Do you want to find out more about wrap-around labelling?

Wrap-around labelling is used for identification of products and packages that are round with small diameters or have curved surfaces. The labels often show prices or barcodes. When the surface is highly curved, the labels must be very pliable and adhere well so that they never curl up from the surface. Some examples of applications:

  • Stationery and office supplies and consumer goods such as writing utensils, glue sticks, cosmetic products (mascara and kohl pencils) and cables
  • Cleaning products, care products and products in the food and beverage industries
  • Chemicals industry: paints, varnishes and granulate packaged in cans or buckets; hazardous substances in barrels made of PE or metal
  • Pharmaceutical industry: ampoules, vials, syringes, prefilled syringes (e.g. for vaccines) and pharmaceutical bottles
  • Laboratory or hospital supplies such as test tubes, blood sample tubes and urine sample bottles
  • Transparent film labels for a no-label effect on glass and plastic


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