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Transport labels from HERMA – ensuring that your packages get to their destinations

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Making sure your packages get there

The key requirements in logistics are smooth operations, consistent reliability in the process chain and on-time delivery. Address labels and shipping labels play an essential role. Self-adhesive box labels from HERMA ensure that packages always get to their recipients. What counts with labels is the right combination of label material and adhesive. Whether you want your shipping labels on a roll, fanfolded or on A4 sheets, we’ll supply them in the form you need for printing on your premises: blank or preprinted with your logo.

Superior adhesion on a wide range of surfaces

Labels on boxes, plastic containers and pallets must be made of the right materials so that important information stays with the goods all the way to their destination. HERMA labels can deal with any situation: different kinds of boxes and packaging films, rough or smooth surfaces, cool or moist environments, or even dust. Special adhesives permit reliable labelling of shrink film for securing pallets and of pallets themselves. We also make labels for dangerous goods, labels for hazardous substances and warning signs made of saltwater-resistant materials.

Find out for yourself and benefit from the extensive experience of our experts. We’ll give you personal advice. Drawing from our large range of adhesive materials produced in-house, we’ll find the label that’s right for you: tailored to your application and with excellent value for money. Get in touch with us. We’ll provide fast, straightforward help.

Adhesive labels have to fulfil a wide range of requirements, and some of them are very demanding. Examples:

  • Extremely good initial tack on a wide range of surfaces
  • Excellent final adhesion, extremely easy removal
  • Top printing quality with direct thermal printers, thermal transfer printers or laser printers
  • Very good readability with barcode scanners
  • Suitability for low-temperature storage
  • Weather resistance or saltwater resistance

We are here to support all your labelling requirements.

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Our strengths – the benefits for you

Renowned for their quality, HERMA’s products are manufactured in Germany in one of the world’s most modern coating facilities. With us, quality begins with the very best paper and adhesives. State-of-the art stamping and printing machines ensure the utmost precision. We’ll manufacture shipping labels and pallet labels to your specifications – unprinted or preprinted with your logo or in your company colours. We also offer custom barcode labels, SSCC labels for tracing goods, and merchandise return labels in any size. Labels in standard sizes can be ordered from HERMA’s online shop.

Thanks to our adhesives warehouse we are also able to manufacture large quantities in a short time – efficiently and cost-effectively. Delivery contracts are also possible. We guarantee on-time delivery and supply products to customers throughout the world in cooperation with professional logistics companies. Our engineering department and laboratory have extensive experience in a wide range of industries and continuously run tests on printers of leading manufacturers.

We’ll work with you to find a solution that meets your requirements. Fill in our contact form. We look forward to talking with you.