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Are you looking for reliable and efficient ways to label your products?

Labels play an important role in product identification. They display essential information on the product or package, such as product characteristics, constituents, barcodes, processing directions, prices and much more. Warning labels and hazardous-substance symbols may also be required.

The right material – from a broad range of options

Difficult surfaces present special challenges. We offer a large selection of adhesive materials produced in-house to solve your special problems. Together we’ll find the material that meets your requirements.

Labels are made of different materials depending on the surface involved:

  • Labels with low-migration adhesives for labelling foodstuffs, with ISEGA certification
  • Extra-strength rating plate labels made of rugged polyester film
  • Labels for books and other sensitive surfaces – removable without leaving residue
  • Saltwater-resistant film labels made of stretchable PE film for labelling barrels in the chemicals industry
  • Flexible labels made of textile material for labelling fabrics, mattresses and carpets
  • Pliable labels for wrap-around labelling of pharmaceutical products
  • Paper labels and film labels for covering and laminating, with resistance to abrasion, scratching and environmental conditions
  • Laser-activated material (LAM) for subsequent printing with a CO2 laser

We can also help you with decorative product presentations: classic multi-colour flexographic printing or, for small print runs with a large variety of articles, economical digital printing. Put your trust in the leaders when it comes to self-adhesive technology. We’ll give you individual advice to help you find materials that are suited to your specific applications.

Examples of applications

HERMA product labels are used in all industries. Some examples of applications:

  • Automotive and electronics industries:
    For switch cabinets, cable drums, plug connectors and spare parts packages; also rugged, durable rating plate labels
  • Chemicals industry:
    For labelling barrels, shipping containers, IBCs, FIBCs and canisters (GHS labels and labels for dangerous goods), hard-wearing and saltwater-resistant as per BS 5609
  • Retail and consumer goods industry:
    Toolbox labels, labels for curved surfaces (writing instruments and paint containers), energy labels, removable labels for glass panes, flexible labels for furniture and carpets; special tamper-proof solutions
  • Foodstuffs:
    For food packaging of all kinds: frozen foods; dried foods like muesli, noodles and spices; cheese; sandwich spreads; chocolates; beverages (approval for use in direct contact with foodstuffs, low migration)
  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics:
    Transparent labels (no-label look) on plastic and glass bottles, flexible materials for wrap-around labelling, labels with safety features, documentation labels with removable sections, labels for use with CO2 laser Systems


Together with HERMA labelling machines, these labels constitute highly efficient system solutions for production processes. Talk with our experts. Or use our contact form. It’s quick and easy. 

We are here to support all your labelling requirements.

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HERMA – Quality from the very start.

Labels have been our core business for over 110 years. Renowned for their quality, our products are manufactured in one of the world’s most modern coating facilities. We use the best available raw materials for paper and adhesives. The labels are manufactured on state-of-the-art printing and stamping machines, ensuring the utmost precision. Customised for labelling of products. Unprinted and optimised for use with your thermal printer, thermal transfer printer or laser printer.

We produce our own adhesive materials and keep large quantities of material in stock, enabling us to manufacture large quantities in a short time – efficiently and cost-effectively. Get in touch with us. Together we’ll find the right solution.