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The labelling system for laser-activated labels – reliable and economical

Three components and one ingenious system: special laser-activated labels (also called LAM labels), in combination with a CO2 laser and a HERMA labelling machine, open up a host of new possibilities for product labelling. The system leads to significant gains in process reliability and cuts your production costs – a convincing alternative to conventional labelling solutions.

In cooperation with our partners for CO2 laser systems and HERMA’s label machine engineering department, we offer an impressive end-to-end solution from a single source. HERMA is a pioneer in this technology. Our label materials set standards when it comes to printing quality and speed. Take advantage of our extensive know-how.

  • The low-maintenance, non-contact system demonstrably reduces downtimes and requires no additional consumables.
  • CO2 laser systems are ideal for product labelling; they produce clear-cut print-outs and minimise operating costs.
  • Difficult production conditions, like dust, are not a problem.
  • Printing takes just fractions of a second; small fonts and barcodes are clearly defined.
  • Camera systems can be integrated for direct monitoring of results.
  • Labels can be printed right at the dispensing edge, allowing allocation of labels to products; printing can continue all the way to the last label.
  • Label dispensing and printing can take place at different times, permitting a high degree of flexibility. This is a major advantage over other printing systems, such as thermal transfer printing.
  • The process is ideal for printing batch and weight information or adding data for shipping and in-house logistics.
  • If necessary, the system can be configured for individual requirements on site and linked to ERP Systems.

Of course, you can also process HERMA LAM labels with existing CO2 laser systems while benefiting from the labels’ superior quality, high-speed capability, contrast and sharp outlines. They offer clear advantages over other laser-activated materials like laser-activated coatings. We can manufacture them in the format you require: blank or custom preprinted.

Applications in many areas

Our customers come from a wide range of industries: for example, textiles, building chemistry, food, consumer goods, stationery, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The applications are many and varied: products and packages are labelled with product information, grade, batch number, barcode and many other kinds of Information.

Take advantage of our expertise as system developers and ask for detailed advice on how to maximise your production efficiency. Use the contact form to get in touch with us. You’ll hear from us right away.

  • Advantages of the labels:

    HERMA LAM labels have a special material embedded in them so that they react to laser energy by changing colour. In this way a laser can “inscribe” characters in black in specified code fields.

    • Resistant to abrasion, smudge-proof, scratch-proof, lightfast
    • High contrast and razor-sharp outlines for text, graphics, barcodes and 2D code in all print orientations
    • Printable at high-speeds for fast, precise labelling
    • No additional consumables required
    • Hard-wearing labels made of paper or laminated with OPP film, suitable for use in moist environments, good ageing resistance
    • Tested and certified by ISEGA (suitability for food packaging)
    • Suitable for difficult production conditions
    • Printable all the way to the last label
  • Advantages of the laser system:
    • Fast, quiet and very accurate
    • Reliable, requires little maintenance
    • No label contact
    • Demonstrably reduces downtimes
    • No additional consumables
    • Perfect for text and codes, with high contrast and sharp edges
    • Configurable for individual requirements on site
    • Can be linked to your ERP systems
  • Advantages of the labelling machine:
    • Sophisticated modular system for versatility
    • Reliable, requires little maintenance
    • Easily integrated into any production line – customised to your requirements
    • Clearly readable display for easy operation
    • Automatic synchronisation of labelling speed and product handling speed
    • Special unwind unit keeps the web at a constant tension, thus avoiding tolerance problems at the peeling edge
    • Integrated control unit – no separate control cabinet needed
    • Large selection of additional modules for simple extension: pedestals, label sensors, control units
    • Available in left-handed and right-handed configurations, for upright, horizontal or suspended operation PLC interface
    • Can also process transparent labels

We are here to support all your labelling requirements.

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