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The right label for food packaging – from HERMA

Foodstuffs are packaged in a wide variety of materials: paper, cardboard, shrink film, plastic and metal. Labelling is often performed under very difficult conditions. The products may have moist and cold surfaces or already be deep-frozen. Some products are cooled after hot filling. Depending on the product, the surface can also be greasy – sausage is an example. Here it is necessary to use strong adhesives selected for the given application.

Approval for use with foodstuffs, low migration

Often it is very important to use low-migration adhesives, label materials, inks and varnishes. This is especially necessary when food is packaged in film with insufficient barrier properties.

We produce a broad range of adhesive materials that are approved for contact with foodstuffs. Let us find you an effective and economically attractive solution for labelling your packaged foodstuffs or frozen products: blank labels for direct thermal printing, thermal transfer printing or laser printing; or labels printed with low-migration inks using flexographic printing or laser printing. You can easily overprint them on your premises with individual information such as weight, best-before date and price, or add numbers and barcodes.

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HERMA advantages:

  • Low-migration label materials, adhesives and inks. With BfR and FDA certification as well as ISEGA approval for use with fatty foodstuffs.
  • Label material with high tack and secure final adhesion
  • Insensitivity to moist and cold surfaces (condensation)
  • Suitability for pasteurisation, steam sterilisation and autoclaving
  • Suitability for application to frozen goods and later storage
  • Suitability for non-contact labelling of uneven surfaces (blow-on labelling)
  • Optional partial adhesion, perforation and special stamping

Take advantage of our extensive expertise. We know about labelling in a broad range of areas:

  • Products kept at low temperatures, such as sausage, meat, antipasti, ready meals and packaged fruit
  • Products labelled under cold conditions followed by deep freezing. For example, deep-frozen vegetables, frozen meals, pizza and cakes
  • Frozen goods for logistics and shipping. For example, ice cream cartons
  • Fresh products such as fruits and vegetables in trays and plastic film
  • Products that are hot-filled and then flash-frozen, for example in large bakeries
  • Packaged dry products such as legumes, noodles, muesli, coffee and sweets
  • Fatty foods such as seal labels on cheese packages
  • Goods filled and labelled in dusty environments, for example pet food and fodder
  • Price labels on rolls for fruit and vegetable scales
  • Resealable labels
  • Easily removable price labels – also suitable for extremely thin packaging material
  • Food-grade plastic film for additional protection

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