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Labels with a wide range of functions

Documentation labels are designed so that after the main label has been applied, parts or all of it can be detached and affixed to another surface. The labels are manufactured from special multi-layered materials called sandwich materials. Another term used is duplex labels. During production the face stock is stamped to allow separate removal of certain areas. HERMA can also create different adhesive properties, right up to “non-adhesive”.

From the wide range of available materials we’ll work with you to find the right solution. Your main concern is not to lose any information, and seamless documentation will ensure that you won’t. We can supply custom-designed documentation and patient labels quickly, reliably and on time. And in consistently high quality.

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Security for your application:

  • High-quality label material for perfect printing, even with small fonts and Barcodes
  • Reliable adhesion to different surfaces
  • Special stampings, gripping tabs and perforations
  • Overprintable label materials for thermal transfer printers, thermal printers, laser printers and inkjet printers
  • Uses for documentation labels

    Documentation labels are frequently used in in-house logistics. They serve as records in order folders and are used to show batch numbers and expiry date information.

    In hospitals they ensure that drugs, medicated plasters and dressings are correctly linked to patient records. They also come on vaccine packages for use as documentation in patient records and vaccination cards.

  • Custom-designed patient labels

    In hospitals, patient labels are patients’ “calling cards” and stay with them throughout their hospital stay. Besides being used in patient records, they are affixed to blood sample tubes, urine samples, X-rays, pill organisers and many other objects.

    Depending on the process and software, labels of different formats are combined on A4 sheets, with or without perforation. The adhesives must be suitable for an especially wide range of surfaces, and the label material must be very pliable so that it can be used for wrap-around labelling.

    We’ll manufacture blank labels for you or print them with your logo and basic data. Overprinting and customisation can be done on laser printers or inkjet printers on your premises.

    Use the contact form to let us know what you need. Our experienced service advisers will help you find the perfect solution.

We are here to support all your labelling requirements.

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