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The right label for food packaging – from HERMA

Food packages are as varied as the contents that go into them: they may be made of paper, cardboard, various films, plastic, glass or metal. Material is also an important factor when food is transported in crates and boxes or on pallets. Foodstuffs are often labelled under difficult conditions. The products may have moist and cold surfaces or already be deep-frozen. Some products are cooled after hot filling. Depending on the product, the surface can also be greasy. Labels must also be compatible with processes like high-speed labelling and non-contact labelling (blow-on labelling). In addition, they must be made of materials with strong, food-safe adhesives and keyed to the given application.

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Approval for use with foodstuffs, low migration

Often it is very important to use low-migration adhesives, label materials, inks and varnishes. This is especially necessary when food is packaged using conventional film with insufficient barrier properties.

We produce a wide range of adhesive materials that are approved for contact with foodstuffs. Let us find you an effective and favourably priced solution for labelling your packaged products: blank labels for direct thermal printing, thermal transfer printing or laser printing; labels printed with low-migration inks using classical flexographic printing; or digital printing of small print runs with a large variety of articles.

Our adhesive materials for food packaging

  • have BfR and FDA certification
  • have ISEGA approval for use with fatty foodstuffs.


Self-adhesive labels are also finding increasing use in the beverage and wine industries. Labels for wines and spirits nowadays make use of a vast range of decorative papers and moisture-resistant adhesives. Six-packs, wine boxes, beverage crates and pallets are labelled by logistics specialists to ensure a reliable flow of goods.

We are here to support all your labelling requirements.

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Our strengths – the benefits for you

  • Wide range of materials in consistently high quality to meet your requirements
  • In-house production of adhesive materials in one of the world’s most modern coating facilities, with extensive stocks of raw materials and fast workflows
  • Engineering department and laboratory with expertise in a wide range of applications; continuous testing using printers of leading manufacturers
  • Fast, on-time delivery of large quantities – economical and efficient, with excellent value for Money
  • Contracts for assured call-offs of instalments as required
  • Worldwide delivery in cooperation with efficient service providers
  • Continuous investments in state-of-the-art processes, machinery and capacities