No compromises

Sometimes labels have to offer perfect adhesion right from the start. For example, if the base is moist and therefore slippery, or if the surface of the product is not perfectly even.

This is frequently the challenge when pre-packed foods have to be labelled, but not only then. To adhere firmly, the label adhesives usually contain a certain amount of resin. The more firmly – and faster – they need to adhere, the more resin you need. But this is not always welcome, because the resin content is the main culprit behind the “migration” of adhesive through film packs into foods, for example.

These tiny amounts are harmless – otherwise no adhesive would be approved for use with foods. But who wants anything in their food that has no business being there?

HERMA has created a minor sensation in this domain by developing a completely resin-free adhesive for labels that need good initial tack. Since it contains no resin, this adhesive has exceptionally low migration properties and has obtained unrestricted approval for dry, moist and greasy foods.

Thanks to HERMA’s multilayer technology, resin is no longer required for this kind of use – and without having to make any compromises as to adhesive strength.

Even better, thanks to its very high temperature-resistance the adhesive can be used at temperatures even down to minus 20°C. It also solves problems beyond food labelling – such as labelling moist, greasy and slightly soiled surfaces, or objects which were difficult to label up to now, such as plastic transport boxes.