Durable labels for everlasting candles

Packaging specialist LINHARDT relies on special film labels and a labelling machine from HERMA for its unique oil candle system. Adhesives, labels and printed images have especially good chemical resistance. The system easily handles containers of different sizes and applies the labels with extremely high precision. The Kerzolin cartridges are labelled on the manufacturer’s premises using a HERMA system solution which includes a labelling machine, film labels, and a strong adhesive.


It gives light like a candle and creates the same atmosphere, but it’s not a candle: The “Kerzolin” lighting system developed by Towe for hotels and restaurants consists of a candle-shaped aluminium cartridge that is filled with a highly refined white oil and furnished with a special wick. Besides burning longer than conventional candles, it is much safer and easier to use. The decoratively wrapped aluminium containers are manufactured by LINHARDT, a packaging company based in the Bavarian town of Viechtach. To achieve greater flexibility for country-specific small batches, the company decided to switch from direct printing of the containers to labelling. “For this purpose, we looked for a partner that could handle many different batch sizes and also had experience in the development of special adhesives,” says Jürgen Wenning, head of technical parts manufacturing at LINHARDT.

Robust film labels

The Kerzolin cartridges are labelled, after which the wick system is mounted and the cartridges are filled. In extremely exceptional cases, a small amount of oil can drip onto the outside of the containers during filling, so it is important for the adhesive, label, and printed image to be resistant to chemicals. For this reason, LINHARDT uses HERMA labels with especially high chemical resistance. The film labels also have a high-strength adhesive that is especially suited to critical surfaces – its uses include small plastic containers, metal packing, boxes and chemical barrels. HERMA prints the labels digitally in various batch sizes and monitors the process with a camera system.

Precise wrap-around labelling

A HERMA solution is also used for applying the labels: a 152C wrap-around labelling machine. It handles five different container sizes, ranging from 55 mm x 180 mm to 100 mm x 133 mm (H x W). The wrap-around labels have gaps of 3-4 mm so that they do not overlap when applied. A V-roller prevents spiral misalignment, ensuring precise placement. “A perfect combination of adhesive, labels, and labelling machine is especially advantageous in demanding tasks like labelling Kerzolin,” says Jürgen Keller, sales director for labels at HERMA. And Jürgen Wenning agrees: “With this end-to-end solution from HERMA we have smooth, trouble-free production. That’s the way it should be.”