Absolute dependability – and not only in online retail

It’s the kind of figure that makes you sit up and listen: two out of every three Germans now purchase on the Internet at least once a month. This is one of the reasons why in Germany alone well over two billion packages are shipped every year.

And in ensuring that the packages arrive at the customer’s doorstep, logistics labels by HERMA play a major role – not only as address labels, but also as return labels. And demand is set to rise rapidly in the future. Logistics service providers are already looking for new delivery methods to be able to efficiently channel the growing volume of packages.

Special package boxes in front of apartment buildings, or delivery by drone – for ideas, the sky’s the limit. But there is no getting away from labels, the key, ultra-flexible and cost-efficient medium for addresses, additional information and track & trace data.

Typical logistics labels are extremely unassuming to look at. They are usually white and most bear only black print. But producing these labels demands any amount of expertise, and for two reasons, one being that problem-free printing is crucial. If just one label out of a hundred thousand causes a jam or is not printed cleanly, entire packaging lines can come to a standstill. Besides wasting time, this also costs money.

The other reason is that cardboard packing boxes often have a rough surface – a huge challenge for the label adhesive. Because the label must not come off, even in tough transport conditions.

Thanks to its innovative multilayer technology, HERMA is capable of producing labels which specifically take these two aspects into account. No wonder that logistics service providers, online retailers and webstore operators are increasingly placing their trust in HERMA labels.